The Story

On a warm fall day in Battle Lake, Minnesota, a man arrived home and parked his truck in front of his garage. As he was getting out of his truck, which was a little dusty from driving down gravel roads, his wife came out of their house and said she was going to take the truck to town and get some Diet Coke.

“What for?” the man asked, “You have a case of Diet Coke in the back of the truck”. His wife began to explain, “You see, the case of Diet Coke has slid all the way to the front of the bed and I can’t reach it. If I want to get that case of Diet Coke out of the truck, I’ll have to first go change my clothes, otherwise they’ll get dirty from leaning over the side of the truck, then I’ll have to search the garage for a step stool so I can climb into the bed. By that time, I’ll be thirsty for a Diet Coke, and this case is warm, so I think I’ll just go drive to town and pick up some more.”

Upon hearing his wife’s story, the man thought to himself, “she has a legitimate point, there has to be something out there for people to reach the things that have slid around the truck bed and have slid out of reach.”

So, after he got the Diet Coke out of the truck, he began searching for something that would work perfect for this simple, everyday task.

And in his search he found… nothing…

That’s when he set out to make something himself.

A couple months later the Reach E-Z was born.


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