FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] How do I install my Reach E-Z?

[A] Simply bolt the included mounting clip to a convenient location in the bed of your pickup truck. You can also secure the clip to a wall in your shop or garage to keep the Reach E-Z within reach at all times.

Click here for a PDF of the complete installation instructions

[Q] How far does the Reach E-Z Extend?

[A] The Reach E-Z extends to approximately 7 feet to fit all lengths of pickup beds.

[Q] When I tried to brush out the back of my Tahoe, the brush didn't seem to be functioning properly. Am I doing something wrong?

[A] Try unhooking the single vertical clip. The heights of vehicles will vary. In some instances, by simply unhooking the single vertical clip, the brush will function much better than when the entire clip is attached. (See photo below.)

Try unhooking the single vertical clip

Some items I hook onto with the Reach E-Z, such as plastic totes, seem to just spin around when I try to move them. Do you have a suggestion for this?

[A] Though the Reach E-Z tip works great for the majority of items, on certain items the hook is not ideal. In these instances, try securing the brush attachment to the Reach E-Z, then try again to retrieve your items. You will find that the brush attachment provides a large flat surface area which will give you more leverage in many of these instances.

Have a suggestion? Please e-mail us. We'd love to hear your feedback!

The Reach E-Z installs easily!






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